The following provisions have been made for students getting regular physical exercise in the school.

1. Yoga and Asan Practice

2. Indoor and Outdoor Games.

3. Exercises for Physical Fitness.


The School may provide all sorts of medical help to the student but the School will not be liable for any damage on account of serious injuries, fatal or otherwise which may be sustained by a student at any time during the School or at playground or moving out with any School party.


Students of 6th class and above if found fit for Military Training will have it in future course, the arrangement for riding, swimming etc. may be made in future.


 Dramatics, creative writing and English enrichment programs are the activities of English literary Club.


1. Principal’s shield of the best all rounder out of all the groups : Sub Juniors. Juniors and middles.

2. The best – dressed student of the year out of all the above three groups.

3. The best – maintained class room of the year out of all the groups.

4. Gold medal to the topped in each class on the basis of School/Board Examinations.

 5. Prizes worth Rs.500/- or school blazers to students who secure 100% marks in a subject in the Board Examination or who finally qualify for the Scholarship.


Books, being the gateway of knowledge, a well-equipped library hall having a separate reading room has been laid with card issue system. It engages the book related to art, science and latest technology satisfying the dire thirst of knowledge.


To inculate full concept formation to the small children computer science will be compulsory from class 2nd. A trained teacher in computer science will impart training and instructions to the students.


There will be house system to inculcate the spirit of cooperation, understanding and fellow feeling among diverse classes. All sports competitions and other competitions will be under this house system. Above all extra co-curricular activities like quiz, dance drama shall be arranged. Which will develop physical and mental inborn talent of the student.


School transport will be available for the students.


 School will arrange school uniforms, books and notebooks etc. and will be available at truck shop located in school campus.


All the festivals religious, cultural and national will be observed and their importance on our social life will be made clear to the students through lectures and demonstrations. Annual day of the school, sports day and other important days having educational significance will be celebrated in a befitting manner.


 Each day CIS beings with a solemn assembly, All students and teachers have to be present in the morning assembly daily.

1) Student appointments ensure perfect discipline and conduct of the assembly. On Wednesdays and Thursdays the middle section conducts it.

 2) Blessings of the Almighty are sought for discharging the duties and responsibilities sincerely through a prayer or a national song.

3) Students also pay obeisance at the temple of learning in the school one class everyday.

4) (a) One house is on duty for a week.

     (b) News is read out by the students of the House on duty.

 5) Thought for the day, printed in the school diary, is read and explained by the students of the house on duty so that students may follow and imbibe good moral values.

 6) A short speech on the celebrities is delivered on their anniversaries to make the students aware of the lives and teaching of great men.

7) The short program me of the morning assembly daily concludes with the school song/National Anthem. It helps the pupils in developing the feeling of belonging to the school.

 8) The additional features of the Juniors assembly are: the project ‘Every day’ a    question’ recitation of rhymes, songs and speech practice.


 School attaches supreme importance to a varied program me of activities outside the ordinary class routine. These activities are designed to develop important trains of character like confidence, cooperation, team spirit, diligence and the will to excel. These activities form a vital part of personality development. C. I. S. believes in providing opportunities to each individual at all leaves.


 As we aim at happy and healthy development of the child, the specific activities for this group are rhymes and singing, picture reading, story telling, paper cutting, fancy Dress and physical exercise for better co-ordination.

JUNIORS (CLASSES III-V) Learning for pleasure being the target for this group, the students are guided to slightly higher level. One has to see them play-acting, debating or painting to tap out the potential they have, Fancy dress, word building, Sports and Craft are a few of the activities the junior section is exposed to.


Along with initiation of the students into the middles, their grooming for all round personality development starts. The young Cisee is trained to shoulder the responsibility of being a confident and cheerful individual and peer group leader. Gradually but firmly he/she is trained to conduct himself/herself on to the stage for activities like watch word, quiz, debate, elocution, speeches etc.


No course of studies or activities can be complete without some exposure to the big, wide and wonderful world. Keeping this in mind educational tours arranged for all the classes. Students are taken to places of historical, educational and cultural interest, Short and long distance tours are planned for the pupils in the course of the year.


1. Field activities like visits to the post-office and banks to acquaint the young ones with their working are arranged.

1. Carrier – Counseling and Life counseling-A qualified teacher has been appointed for this purpose. Talks by visiting dignitaries and specialists are arranged for students to tap out their aptitude and guide them to their future professions.


The quality of a nation is determined by the quality of its education. Ultimately a country is known by its people. Good education is one. which prepares our youth to face life’s realities and take their rightful place in the modern word. To percolate the benefits of modern education to the deprived segments of society is one of the main aims of the school. The school will also focus on modern pedagogy and the overall development of the child’s personality.