Cambridge International is an innovative School Where accent is on character building based on values of Indian culture with a blend of healthy trends in other cultures and systems of education. Our aim is to bring about modification in student behaviour and, make learning a pleasure, a reward in itself.

 We take up every child as and individual whose latent talents are to have explored nurtured and brought up to a level of excellence. In some cases it is a challenge which we accept to fulfill with our integrated approach to studies.

 The tender age which in a child is admitted to a critical period for his development, not only for the physical development but also for the psycho social and cognitive development. Further the rate of such of developments are very fast during the early years. Towards that end in view, CIS does not merely aim at academic excellence but also given the pupil a luster through co-curricular activities, hobbies, sports and game. We do not make much ado about the examination systems and that is why proportionate credit is given to monthly tests, holiday home assignments and term examinations.

 Leadership training, social awareness and sensitization programmes for the children, remedial education for low achievers, enrichment program me for the gifted children and special study camps for student, make this institution a distinct one. it is in this context that i would like the parents to appreciate the efficacy of our approach and help to develop their dear sons and daughters into self-reliant and healthy mind citizens.

Parents are advised to go through the rules and regulation of the school which become binding after the admission. It should be clearly born in mind that no compromise is made with indispline, how so ever reformatory our approach may be.

 The school would expect the parents to respond positively to any request from the school for their visit to the school to discuss the progress or welfare of the child. Welcome any parent of guardian to meet at any time if it so urgent nature but in the interest of better administration parents and guardians may please see on any working days between 8.30 a.m to 11.30 a.m.

             Sajjan Yadav Director